An enclosure is set up prior to the removal of the textured coating ceiling finish using polythene screens and air lock systems to create an air tight working space. All exposed porous surfaces are protected to prevent contamination. We install negative air pressure units to create negative pressure in case of a breach in the enclosure. These control measures ensure that other parts of the building are not contaminated by our asbestos removal works.


This is after the bulk of the asbestos textured coating ceiling has been removed. The area will now undergo an environmental clean ensuring that all asbestos dust and debris is removed. We use specialist vacuum cleaners and electrostatically charged cleaning cloths to achieve this.

The joists have had all the nails removed and been decontaminated of any asbestos containing materials. All areas undergo a strict visual inspection to ensure that the area is clean and ready for the control measures to be removed.


Following the deconstruction of the enclosure, the area is ready for the electrician and the plumber to safely run all their pipes and cables. Following this, the plasterboard ceiling will be replaced, lights fitted, and ceiling plastered over. At SLR Environmental, we enjoy managing other trades to ensure the customer’s property is disturbed for the least amount of time that it possibly can.